View Full Version : SEO personnel should break through the three thought erroneous zone

05 Nov 2012, 01:28 AM
1. The outer chain error:)

A lot of people doing web site optimization time easy to fall into the chain circle, think the chain is website optimization of everything, as long as do the chain league meeting, let him not to do the chain him will not know what to do. Especially the outer chain specialist and some primary SEO personnel, optimize your website just know where hair, collection content in hair, content with links, release success is not be deleted can. A large number of personnel is such operation.

2. Think all websites need to be updated:eek2:

Not every one site needs to be updated, also is not each site need daily updated. Now many people do enterprise station or other small and medium-sized site SEO, think every day update more than paper industry news that is doing things, doing optimization. Even a lot of enterprise's department supervisor or manager have strict requirements for web site update every day SEO greatly. There are the idea of enterprise is a cup, every day thank all the dirty things, to later may be down right or K.

3. Most of the website home page will have a new table of contents, but also on the important position of the line of sight:rolleyes:

This article error and article 2 is also a lot of SEO and website operation specialist often make a mistake, always like in the home page recommend "latest article" list, but also on the website important position, he believed that conform to the search engine, actually he is hurt user and hurt a search engine. Why do you say that?