View Full Version : Which SMM software would you recommend?

15 Nov 2012, 02:45 AM
Hi WDF users!

It's more and more often now that I get requests from my customers to do some social media management for them. I'm not that experienced in the field, but I just feel really bad about declining so many projects :devil:

Sooo, I'm looking for some SMM solution that would make things easier - let me post under different names, using different profiles, schedule posts, etc.

I'm currently looking at Hootsuite (http://hootsuite.com/), Postling (https://postling.com/), and BuzzBundle (http://www.link-assistant.com/buzzbundle/) (as I'm a devoted Rank Tracker user, I hope this one has some potential). Have you tried working with these ones on multiple projects (like 4-7 at a time)? And another question, which anti-captcha solutions would you recommend (or what's the fair cost of say 1000 captchas filled?)

Thanks, i hope to get some good insight here :)