View Full Version : 3 Months Free Hosting to Help Previous iMountain Users

05 Mar 2013, 04:17 PM
Hi Everybody,

Recently, there has been lots of talk about iMountain, who left a lot of users devastated with downed sites and lost revenue after their operations suddenly shut down. As part of the hosting industry, we would like to take responsibility and help these users resume their business or operation as soon as possible. Thus, during this time of need we would like to offer 3 months of free hosting for these users, as we believe that no person should have their sites, which is a source of livelihood for many people, taken away.

For anybody that's interested, simply PM us or contact us through our YesUpHost contact page the specs of the server that you had with iMountain plus your email to contact you by. We'll also need a copy of your most recent iMountain IO. Once we've gotten those, we'll help you set up a similar server in our datacenter and help you pick up where you've left off.