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18 Sep 2017, 02:30 PM
I have a classic Google Site w/o a G Suite subscription. Last week, I conducted a blacklist check on the site domain name and found that the site IP address is on Spamhaus ZEN blacklist. Spamhaus wants Google to contact them to have the IP address removed from their list. It appears that this IP address is shared by thousands of other sites. I have a business email address which shares the domain name which is hosted by Zoho.com. Will having the site IP address listed on Spamhaus negatively affect email campaigns? I would like to discuss this issue with Google, however, I don't have access to their support. Thanks.

08 Oct 2017, 02:57 PM
i am having a somewhat similar problem. from one of my forum sites i discovered that emails are not being sent. well, sent but not reaching to anyone. vbulletin advised me to contact my hosting provider. and hsoting guys said, there are infected files in my hosting account. they said i must clean my entire hosting first and then submit for their review. and then, they advised me to conatct google, yahoo , hotmail etc... to review any blacklisting and remove

so now i am trying to find out how to find and clean my hosting acountl godaddy advised me that they can scan the whole thing, but it will cost me about $80 per site per year. or, i can buy in bundle of 3, and there is a little discount. i am now lookig for ways to see if i can do it for no cost .if not i am thinking getting that service. but my thing may not be your solution. i just write to give you an idea