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Thread: SSL Certificates?

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    SSL Certificates?

    I'm looking for suggestions on where to purchase SSL certificates. I've been looking at Thwate. Verisign is WAY out of my price range right now. GoDaddy seems ridiculously cheap... Any comments?


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    Two things to look at. The level of encryption (e.g 64 bit, 128 bit) the bigger the number the better. Second is the level of insurance that comes with it. Verisign and Thwate will cover you and your customers against fraud - some others wont.

    IMHO, the very cheap certs from goodady and others like chained ssl or freessl are not secure enough for ecommerce. Though most of these firms have higher security versions as well. The very cheap ssl certs are really for securing things like password logins and other non financial data. Don't see the point myself. If it's worth locking up, then it's worth locking up properly. So I'd always uses a high bit level encryption on all my sites.

    It may be that you don't need your own SSL. Most payment processors these days will handle the transaction on their own servers rather than your own. You should ask your payment processor for advice on what security you need for your site.

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