If you are a small business owner with a website and you are not able to more invest for advertising, the easy steps to receive more traffic of your site without spending any money for promotion. If you follow the guidelines, you will definitely receive good traffic and you can promote business more easy way.

1. Most of the small business owner are trying to promote their websites by placing 900 + search engine but it is not really fruitful and if you invest any money for it, it will be wasted. The better to place your site to major search engines and directories that will give more good results without any cost. You can find more search engines here http://freewebsubmission.com/ and place manually and if no listing within 8 weeks, then you can further resubmit the said search engines. Remember that you should prepare good content with keywords and place H1 tag positively in the header, that will give more good results.

2. Place your site in free web directory like http://www.dmog.org, http://dir.yahoo.com or http://www.gnetdirectory.com that will help to increase your PR and traffic. You can search free web directory in google.com and place your site postively.

3. You should start google adsense program and you will earn some money that you can invest for advertising for getting targetted traffic. If you want to know more about google adsense, you can check http://www.google.com/ads and if you want guidelines to start, you can check http://www.imcsecrets.com and I have used their techniques and I am getting good results.

4. If your business is related to work at home categories, you can place your ads in job sites like http://www.jobvertise.com and update twice in a day to get more traffic FREE. It is really high traffic site and you will receive good results definitely.

5. Place your site in http://www.alexa.com and this will give your ranking of your site.

6. Place ads in free classifieds and you will receive traffic but not more. You can receive immediate traffic that will definitely help to promote your site.

7. Start Home Page Link Exchage and if your home page PR 3 or more, you can start easily and add some good sites in your home page and request them to add your site. If you are able to 20 sites, you can receive easily 100 targetted traffic easily and this will help to increase your PR also. If you are able to invest $36 and you can invest it positively and this will give good results definitely, you can check www.links-pal.com and pay Webmaster Special.

8. Take advantage of reciprocal links. Reciprocal links are established when you make an agreement with another website that you will establish links to it on your site and vice-versa.

9. When considering website promotion, do not neglect the design aspect. Make your site attractive, professional, and above all else user-friendly, follow the steps set forth above and watch the volume and quality of your web traffic grow.

10. Prepare articles in different topics especially your site related topics and place in forums, that will help to promote your site in respect of traffic as well as increase of PR. Please dont forgot to create signature file by placing your site name with your keyword.

You can start to promote your site in this way and I hope that you will get better results if you use the above techniques.