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Thread: The server is offline, yet still...

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    The server is offline, yet still...

    I though this was amusing and wondered how it could happen. According to my Google AdSensereports for the last three days I've had this many page impressions:

    Tuesday 33, Wednesday 23, Thursday 7.

    The odd thing is, the server was taken off line on Monday, yet it still managed to somehow get 63 pages viewed.
    Anyone want to guess how that could happen?

    btw, the server is off line because the box got hacked and a number of system files were altered. Now I have to rebuild it from the ground up--the downside of running your own server, the responsibility of keeping it running.

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    Could be cached versions of your pages showing up. For example, even when your server is down, you can still view your pages by folloing the "cache" link in your google search results. The google adds still probably load into such cached pages.

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