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Thread: I need help with a t-shirt design script or something.

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    I need help with a t-shirt design script or something.

    Hello everyone,

    I do alot of basic web design...but this is wayyyyy out of my league.

    I am needing to create a website that will allow people to do t-shirt designs and preview them on the screen. has something similar to what I am needing to do.

    Can anyone out there help me? I don't know where to even begin on this thing.

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    if you think it's totally out of your league at first it's gonna be tought to realize this little dream.

    But i can give you an advice, do whatever you want with it after just use Flash for this. If you use yahoo messenger you can notice in the avatar of the chatter on yahoo they use flash so you can change the guy into a girl, the cat into a dog, the cup of tea into a surfer and the sky into a roof... so on... so forth.

    Contact yahoo and ask them to help you or to guide you. They are not ******* they are just like you and me

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