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Thread: Freelance Website Designer, Home Based, Cheap

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    Freelance Website Designer, Home Based, Cheap

    Hello, my name is Thomas and I design websites. I use HTML/CSS, and PHP. Depending on the amount of skill you have with webdesign (aka you know how to script in PHP or another server-side script well but can't make a layout) I can program login systems and other interesting things, I can make it as easy or hard as you like it. I use photoshop for the graphics. I can do many, many different styles, and I have a great imagination, always thinking up designs for new sites. I do all my designs from my house, and I am constantly on an Instant Messenger. Through this you can talk to me, and I can build you a website customized to your needs. If I'm doing something wrong you can simply tell me, and I am more than happy to change it. I remain in constant support of websites, even after they are completed.

    I offer my services for a very low fee, you can ask me for a quote.
    Some example sites I have made:

    Based on the content of the site and the amount of pages and scripting I can do, the price may be a little higher or lower. Generally I will work on the sites that are paying me more before I work on the sites that are paying me less. I try to work on your website as much as I can, however I have other things in life (School, gaming, programming) that I may want to do. was done for a company and has taken me 8 hours so far.
    Also, feel free to request just a banner or set of buttons, or an integrated PHP script. I will not to templates for sites who's content contains subject matter I find abusive or inappropriate, such as racist sites, sites with a lot of cussing, or pronography sites. Since I am under 18 it is illegal for me to view some of these anyways.
    I recieve payment solely via PayPal. You can pay me before, after, or while the work is being completed. Although it's hard to say you can trust me, (I'm just posting on a forum) if you do, I will get a site done if you've paid me for it. I will not run away with the money. It is against my moral values.

    Ways to contact me:

    AIM (AOL Instant Messenger):GameMakerThomas
    Yahoo! Messenger: ub3rn00b3r
    MSN Messenger:
    I do have ICQ, but I do not use it. If you must use ICQ, send me a PM or email (See below)

    You may also contact me by a PM on this forum or by email. (

    I hope you choose me to make a website template for you. I enjoy making these and I need some money.

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    By the way, in terms of pricing, I would do a simple 10 page site that requires no programming knowledge to update for about 30 dollars. (Similar quotes range from 100-300 dollars)

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