First, let me say that I highly regard the expertise of you guys on this forum and hopefully I've come to the right place to get some advice on this project. I am a fourth-year medical student getting ready to begin my residency in Anesthesiology. I am interested in designing an online medical question bank for students to access while studying for their medical boards. Although I can provide the medical information, necessary for completing the project, I have a limited knowlege of web-design and am looking for someone who is interested in taking on the project of helping me design a web-based question bank. I've created a few websites before, but nothing of this magnitude.

In brief, the project would consist of building a subscription-based web site, where individuals preparing for their medical boards can take practice multiple choice examinations, while tracking there performance. I am in need of someone to provide the technical expertise, necessary to bring this idea to life. For those who are interested, I do have a few web addresses that closely resemble what the final product would look like. This would be a collaborative project that would not require leaving your home. Basically, you would act as a consultant in building the web-site. If you're someone who is interested in this opportunity shoot me an email at jcourtney@lecom.edu.