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    Question Help Me!!!


    I'm new to this board and I need help. I'm creating a internet store by myself because I don't have any money to spend on someone else doing it. I would like to know what are some good FREE website builders. I would like to get my store up and running by the 1st of April.


    Thanks in advance!


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    There are a number of store scripts available, some free, some commercial. Check sites like to find them. Look at the various options and check the demos and see if you find one you like with the features you need. has a free and a commercial version of their shopping cart script. You can download the free version and use it if fits your needs. If you happen to like this script and need an upgrade to the pro version, I bought it and ended up not using it and will sell my copy of the script for half price.

    Another option is OSCommerce, a free, open source script that has tons of add on modules.

    A nice looking, simple to navigate script (also free) is at If you don't need options like colors and sizes this might be another one to consider.

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