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Thread: Webmail for clients, but for the server

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    Webmail for clients, but for the server


    Im making a website for a select few users. ( I have Cpanel 10 + fantast...)

    Each of them have there own email address.

    I can use an inline frame and link them to mail2web, but that means they have to put in the pop servers etc.

    I just want hem to use their username + passowrd and open a PHP or something similiar web based email client that is already linked to my mail server on the hosting account.

    Is this possible?

    Many thanks

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    Why not just have them set up their Outlook to access their new mailbox? This way it would centralize their mail for them and they could send/receive all from one place?

    As far as your original question, I'm sure someone else would have some better insight on it.

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