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Thread: Trying to figure out a script for printing

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    Unhappy Trying to figure out a script for printing

    I found a script that promised that if I inserted the name of the document I wanted, then when the user clicked on thier "print" button, this alternate document would print rather than the whole web page with all the stuff they don't need. Does that make sense? Well here's an example of what I'm trying to do in case it doesn't.
    I'm creating a website for a restaurant, and they want users to be able to print some coupons. If you just print the coupons page, part of the page gets cut off due to the size, including one of the coupons. What I want to do is find a script that tells their printer to print an alternate document with just the coupons on it rather than the actual web page. Here's the one I found:
    <link rel=alternate media=print href="printversion.doc">
    However, when I inserted this script and tried it out, it just prints a page with the URL + document name in text at the botton of the page.

    Any ideas? I'm new at the web-design thing, and any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    You can use CSS and the Media sellector so supply a different style sheet depending on what the page is being outputed on. So you can set different fonts for the screen as opposed to the printer. You can also use the display:hidden display:visible to hide parts of a page form the printer.

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