Dear All WebDevForums members,


I am a Master of Business Administration (MBA) student of University Science Malaysia.
Currently, I am conducting a research on the "Explaining Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Performance: The Role of CRM Implementation Intensity" as a partial requirement for the masterís degree. The research has been approved by the school and my supervisor, Assoc. Prof. T. Ramayah as shown on the main page.

I need your kind support for helping me in answering a short questionnaire.

Please allow me to further explain the study.

Purpose of this study:
Given the complexity of customer needs and highly competitive market in web hosting industry, CRM performance seems to be i***uenced by something believed to be the missing link between the customer relationship approaches and CRM performance. Hence, the intensity of CRM implementation would rather be a new aspect to be researched as the mediator that i***uencing organizationís overall CRM performance.
Two main objectives of the study:
  1. To investigate whether customer centric (customer relationship orientation and perception of customer information value) and market centric (market orientation and industry competitiveness) approach in CRM i***uence the intensity of CRM implementation.
  2. To investigate whether the intensity of CRM implementation i***uences CRM performance.

Target respondents
The target respondents for this study are executive level employees of any web hosting company around the globe that involved in customer relationship activities such as technical support, billing enquiry support, etc. Management staffs and business owners are welcome to take the survey as well.

I would like to seek for your kind cooperation and valuable time in completing the questionnaire. Please click on the link to start the survey. You would probably take about 15-25 minutes to answer the questionnaire. There is no right or wrong answer. Your honest opinion is sought to ensure the success of the study. All information provided will be kept strictly confidential and used for academic purpose only. Kindly please answer the questionnaire as soon as possible as I need to collect the data latest by early June, 2006.

I truly believe this study will help better understand the factors i***uencing CRM performance in web hosting companies that participate in answering the questionnaire. Hence, please contact me at sapiensbryan [at] gmail [dot] com and leave your email address so that I can share with you the result after I have done the research around mid of July, 2006.

The questionnaire is ready to be answered.

Thank you very much once again for your time and kind support.

p/s : I would highly appreciate if any moderator here please help me to put this thread as a sticky so that more web hosting companies can take part of the survey? Thank you!