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Thread: Web Forwarding / Redirection Domain Type Thing. Please Help!!!

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    Web Forwarding / Redirection Domain Type Thing. Please Help!!!

    Heya, I'm designing a science website for my college and am trying to sort out the domain naming stuff.

    When I last did this webbie sort of thing, I used 123 reg, bought a domain name and redirected it to my URL, because the site was hosted with NTL.

    However, I got a bit confused about all of the forwarding options. I just wanted the usual domain forwarding thing i.e., but the only way I could do that was using the 123 reg "framed" web redirecting option. However, I read somewhere that using this option meant that google couldn't index your site, so I eventually retreated and chose another redirecting option.

    Now that I'm doing another site, I want to make sure I get the redirection part of things right, so do I use 123-reg again and pick another redirection option that maybe I've missed, or is there a completely different domain registration service that does the redirection correctly and can be googled?

    Hope this makes sense. Thanks, Alex.

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    ive seen a lot of site that goes redirect but google index it ... i guess its because they havent been caught yet sooner or later it will be gone ... so i suggest you do your work clean

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