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Thread: Concept Feedback: but for images

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    Concept Feedback: but for images

    My friend and I were discussing the possibility of creating a new Web site that would be set up almost like the popular tech news site,, except instead of users "bumping" up news stories to the homepage, they would be user-submitted images of whatever. Users could submit their own images and people would vote for them if they liked them and they would be moved up in terms of their position on the site. The most popular images would be displayed on the homepage.

    Users could then download copies of the images they like for free. Maybe there would be a "premium" service (small one-time or monthly fee) to download images at a large resolution.

    I think it would be a great way for the community to be involved in sharing images. It also seems perfect for graphic designers looking for free stock photos to use or for users just wanting a better desktop background.

    So, I posted here to just get your input on the idea. Would you participate and do you think it would take off and be successful? Feel free to post any sort of feedback regarding this. I want to get a feel for the community response before we move into the design/coding phase. Thank you in advanced.

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