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    PHP Game

    Ok, I've now gone over much of the basics of PHP, and have an understanding of the following (I probably left something out

    & both else fucntions

    I've also followed several tutorials and can see what the script is doing now, and what each function serves. Following tutorials I created I created an image gallery (which I think was bit too advanced for me yet), a php form, and a hit counter. I also attempted some others although these went over my head.

    Now I want/need to know how to post data to a MySQL database 9( had a look at Mysql, and it appears basic, although has little documentation) and fetch data from it.

    The challenge at the end of this (it was originally going to be a guestbook, but that was changed, as it was decided that was too easy) will be to make a very small game, in which shares (fictional) can be traded, with the prices of the shares changing in value, and the aim being to increase net worth.

    I will have 25 hours (from 9th to 13th) to create it, even though I'm sure some talented people like Foonly could do this in 25 minutes. I'm allowed to advice, although not the exact code. Any PHP gurus who can help that I can add to MSN/ another chat program.

    I have read the documentation there (, although as stated by others in the thread this is not the best way to go about it. Someone said it was like 'Learning English by reading the dictionary'. I have read the documentation, and have thoroughly read and reread this thread.
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    Anyone at all ?

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