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Thread: dreamweaver question

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    dreamweaver question

    I drew a layout table and there will be text in this area. Is there a way to insert an image (to act as a background image) and then lay the text over this image so that the image will show through? If this is not doable, is it possible to create a floating text field over this image? thanks!

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    I have never used Dreamweaver so this is just a general answer.

    All background colors or images will show through text. Just apply the background-image (I don't know how this is done in Dreamweaver) and then put text in the div or p tag as normal.

    <div style="background-image: url(image.jpg);"><p>text in div</p></div>

    or with a table
    <table style="background-image: url(image.jpg);">
    <p>text in div</p>

    If you have an image that is not a background and you want text on top of it, then you can apply CSS layers; (not what Dreamweaver calls layers); see:-

    but you should be abe to do what you want with a background-image.
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