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Thread: PHP on server

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    PHP on server

    I have this question regarding installing a php script on my server:--

    I have a certain script (php) which i want to install on my server
    but not clear about what to do.

    It is a "tell a friend" script:-

    In the instruction is says that:--

    "Using your favorite FTP software set permission to: 
    /Script_Directory_folder/ -777 "
    What does it mean by "/Script_Directory_folder"?? I mean, which folder in my site?

    It also says that:-

    "Once you have completed the installation you may delete installer.php for security reasons."
    Why to delete that??

    The insttruction also says:

    To let your visitors execute it, make a link to: 
    What does it mean by the word:

    "make a link to"?


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    What does it mean by "/Script_Directory_folder"?? I mean, which folder in my site?

    you need to change the permissions of the file and/or folder containing the file that will be written to by the person using the tell a friend script.

    i cant remember exactly what goes on so unless someone else answers you should ... using "your favorite FTP software" (e.g. FileZilla - there's loads) change the permissions of the folder and its contents (unless you can find out what the script wites to) to 777 - 777, i think, is the "code" (whatever) that give everyone accessing a file to read, write, to the file an i think delete it (not sure look it up)

    Why to delete that??

    leaving the installer.php file might allow any visitor to change the configuration of the script and provide themselevs with access to to info you dont want them to see. or if the person using the installer.php file is a complete tw*t faced donkey *ucking inbred piece of t*rd they might just want to fluf up your site/the script

    as for the last question, i dont know, without beign familiar with the script your using

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