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Thread: Need script to locate a folder for images

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    Need script to locate a folder for images

    Hi guys.

    I am using PHP, PHPMYADMIN, dreamweaver.

    I am create a simple blog style site.

    I have a folder that will store all images on my server.

    I have a field in my database called 'image' where i put the image name i would like to accompany my post.

    I need a script that will use "<?php echo $row_Recordset1['Image']; ?></p>" and find the folder on the server where it has to display the image.

    for example

    use the 'image' name given from the database and find it from ./img/ then display on screen as image.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tweezers
    PM me with a full task and I will try to help you.
    Thanks but i got it sorted I used an image in dreamweaver then bind it to the 'Image' source from the database.

    updated the source link and, booom boom shake the room, it worked

    it only took me 4 days to work out.

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