Hi ..actually this is my very first post and I'm a novice trying to develop a website. I am using the software of choice for poor people ...NVU ..and I have a very basic question.

I want to play an embedded swf or QT file one a mouseover action. A great example of what I'm trying to do can be seen at Yahoo's main page. On the usually on the top left is a small animation that can be activated on a mouse over. (hopefully it will be there when you visit).

I know how to embed the file but I can only make it auto play ..or play when you click the play button. What I want is like what Yahoo has, it plays initially when the page loads and replays on a mouse-over.

I also know how to have objects change shape on a mouse over ...but for some reason I can't get the swf or QT file to play.

Can someone help me with this..by posting the code or directing me to where I can get some help? I think I may need to develop some sort of Java code.

My second question is this...can anyone tell where to get a reliable SWF to GIF (or QT to GIF) converter software ...again free is most welcome...thanks!