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Thread: RSS feed customization

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    RSS feed customization


    I am trying to put RSS feeds on my site but I want to customize the look of them. Also, I would like to mix different RSS feeds into one big feed for my news sections.

    Here is an example of what I want to do.

    Basically, I want the title and short description on the main news page and when people click on the link, i want the article to be viewed on my site... not on the RSS feed providers site.

    I'm sure it's easy for those of you that know how to do it, but I'm learning as I go.


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    You're going to need to write a server side script to parse an RSS file(s) to accomplish most of this. You should be able to find complete scripts that do this or libraries out there to help you out.
    As for displaying the actual article on your page, as far as I know it's pretty much impossible. Normally, feeds only include stuff like titles, descriptions, and links to the main file. They generally don't include the entire item. Any attempt to extract the article from this page will be very difficult, if not impossible.
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