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Thread: please please please help!

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    please please please help!

    I am needing a button that i can code into the body of a basic dreamweaver HTML page.
    When pressed i need this button to generate a random IP Address so effectivley you click the button and are taken to a random website. It is for an art piece im involved with looking at cencorship and what we percieve as art and net art. Can anyone help?

    Thanks guys


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    First a note about how to get more responses to your questions: Write a topic title that gives a clue about the topic, "please please please help!" gives no clue and a lot of people will simply skip these.

    You could code something for this, but it won't work for want you want. The majority of IP addresses out there aren't connected to websites, they're users, like yourself, with a computer connected to the internet. This means that most of the time you'll end up with nothing but a "connection timed out" error. You can use this code to generate a random website link:

    <a href="" TARGET="Random_Website">Click here for a random website</a>

    Keep in mind that since there's no way to determine what site you might get, there's no way of assuring that you're not going to hit a site with malware or viruses or other dangerous code on it.

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