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Thread: Difference Between Bitmap (raster) Images Vs Vector Graphics

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    Difference Between Bitmap (raster) Images Vs Vector Graphics

    I found this info:

    About vector and bitmap graphics - With Fireworks, you can create and edit two kinds of graphics: vector objects and bitmap images.

    Bitmap versus vector graphics - Graphic images that have been processed by a computer can usually be divided into two distinct categories. Such images are either bitmap files or vector graphics. If you work in prepress, you need a good comprehension on the advantages and disadvantages of both types of data. These pages tries to explain these differences.

    Bitmap Vs. Vector Graphics 1 - Graphic images that have been processed by a computer can usually be divided into two distinct categories. Such images are either bitmap files or vector graphics. If you work in prepress, you need a good comprehension on the advantages and disadvantages of both types of data. These pages tries to explain these differences.

    Bitmap Vs. Vector - To show how bitmap-based and vector-based images differ. The main difference is in the way computers analyze their content.

    Bitmap Vs. Vector Graphics 2 -
    This page contains more information on vector graphics. A third page discusses the conversion from bitmap to vector data and back.

    Bitmap vs. Vector Graphics -
    When dealing with graphic images, there are two types, either bitmap, or more correctly raster, and vector. Vector images refer to images that are made up of lines that are described mathematically. Raster images are made up of a grid of dots, or pixels, each pixel containing color information.

    Bitmap Vs. Vector - This webpage explains the differences between Bitmap-based image files and Vector-based image files.

    Bitmapped Vs. Vector Graphics - Find out the differences between these 2 formats.

    Bitmap And Vector Graphics - There are two main types of graphics that should be understood before moving into Fireworks MX. Bitmap and Vector graphics are different in the way they are created, and treated within a graphics editing program. When you save a file for the web in a graphics editing program, however, the file is saved as a bitmap file regardless of what method was used to create the file.

    Bitmapped vs. Vector-based and Bitmapped Images - There are two basic storage structures for grahics: bitmapped and vector-based. All images display on a computer screen as a grid of pixels of various colors. The image files that contain these images store that image data in one of two fundamentally different ways:

    Captain Bitmap Vs. Vectorman -
    Art, no matter how you produce it, requires tools. As we approach the real millennium, the favorite tool for many artists is the computer. While hardware makes it possible to create digital graphics, software enables the artist to harness the computer's energy and create illustrations, photographs, and drawings.

    Choosing a Graphics Format -
    A graphics file format is a specification for storing and organizing data in a file. MATLAB supports many different graphics file formats. Some are built into MATLAB and others are Ghostscript formats. File formats also differ in color support, graphics style (bitmap or vector), and bit depth.

    Dell Tips : Raster vs Vector Graphics -
    Adobe® Illustrator® 10 is a vector-based graphics program, meaning that any graphic that you create entirely within Illustrator will be a vector graphic. Vector graphics are mathematically-defined lines and curves. Because vector images are defined mathematically, you can infinitely resize your graphic and it will remain crisp and clear at any resolution and at any magnification. Illustrator 10 also has new features, making it more compatible with raster-based programs like Adobe Photoshop® 7.0.

    Design Concepts: Bitmapped vs. Vector Graphics -
    Bitmapped images in your logo design can look horrible when resized beyond the size that they are originally created in

    Devnet and Bitmap Images Versus Vector Graphics - Bitmap images improve performance, because they are rendered already. The caveat is that they will often result in larger file sizes. For complex backgrounds, there's no way around using bitmap images, because animation on top of a complex vector background would be very slow. However, on a small device screen, a lot of that detail will be lost anyway.

    Flash Animations and Interaction - Vector Graphics Versus Bitmap Graphics - Bitmapped graphics can be imported from various sources, ranging from digital photos to user-created graphics developed on drawing applications.

    Lesson 5.1: Graphics Basics : Bitmap vs. Vector-Based Graphics -
    There are two main categories of graphic images: bitmap and vector.

    Macromedia Fireworks Vector vs Raster (Bitmap) - Macromedia Fireworks is a primarily a vector based program. It is different from other graphics editing programs such as Adobe Photoshop, which is bitmap based. This article lists differences between bitmap and vector file types.

    Raster vs. Vector - On a computer monitor, images are nothing more than variously colored pixels. Certain kinds of image-file formats record images literally in terms of the pixels to display. These are raster images, and you can edit them only by altering the pixels directly with a bitmap editor. Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro are two of the most popular bitmap editors.

    Raster Images versus Vector Images - All electronic art images are divided into one of two core types, raster images (also know as 'bitmaps') and vector images. In a nutshell raster images are composed of connected dots and vectors are images composed of connected lines.

    Raster Images vs. Vector Graphics - Computer graphics can be created as either raster or vector images. Raster graphics are bitmaps. A bitmap is a grid of individual pixels that collectively compose an image. Raster graphics render images as a collection of countless tiny squares. Each square, or pixel, is coded in a specific hue or shade. Individually, these pixels are worthless. Together, they’re worth a thousand words.

    The Low-Down on Art Programs -
    A primer for working with vector- and raster-based graphics programs.

    Two Kinds of Computer Graphics - There are two kinds of computer graphics - raster (composed of pixels) and vector (composed of paths). Raster images are more commonly called bitmap images. A bitmap image uses a grid of individual pixels where each pixel can be a different color or shade. Bitmaps are composed of pixels.

    Vector & Bitmap Images: Which Is Better? - A graphic designer will come into contact with two kinds of computer image files. They may look the same but upon closer inspection, one finds that they are quite different in many ways.

    Vector Vs. Bitmap - One of the main issues that concern Web Designers is the need to keep the file size of an image small which in turn relates to bandwidth. Most images on the Web are bitmaps, such as jpegs and gifs, this means that information about the image must be stored pixel by pixel.

    Vector versus Bitmap & Fireworks - Vector graphics create digital images through a sequence of commands or mathematical statements that place points, lines, and shapes in a given two-dimensional or three-dimensional space.

    Vector Vs. Bitmap -
    Programs like MS Paint and PhotoShop are both bitmap applications, treating the images you work with as a fixed-size resource made up of a fixed number of dots, or pixels. Once a line or curve or piece of text has been 'committed' to the canvas you can not go back and change it without undoing and starting over again.

    Vector and Bitmap Images - Two Types of 2D Graphics - It's almost impossible to discuss graphics software without first establishing an understanding of the differences between the two major 2D graphic types: bitmap and vector images. This is an important lesson and often a tough one to grasp. If you work with graphics at all, it's bound to come up, so it's an important concept to understand. Let's start by talking about the more common type: bitmap images.

    Vector Vs. Bitmap Graphics - Graphics fall into to two main categories: Vector graphics and Bitmap graphics ... The difference between these two types is what they're made up of. Vector graphics are made up of lines and curves. Bitmap graphics are made up of little squares called pixels.

    Vector vs. Bitmap Graphics - an Introductory Guide for Clients and Designers -
    One of the most common misunderstandings among both clients, and unfortunately many designers, is the difference between Vector and Bitmap (also known as Raster) graphics.

    Vector and Raster Images - There are two types of computer graphics - vector and raster. Vector images define curves and lines by mathematical formulas, enabling you to scale the image larger or smaller without taking a hit on image quality.

    Vector vs. Raster Images - Word processors and spreadsheet or presentation applications, although suitable for creating files for office or Internet use, are not recommended for creating digital art for print. Microsoft Office applications are included in this group. In some cases, however, such files may be converted so as to enable use.

    What are bitmap and vector graphics, and how are they different? - A bitmap (also called "raster") graphic is created from rows of different colored pixels that together form an image. In their simplest form, bitmaps have only two colors, with each pixel being either black or white. With increasing complexity, an image can include more colors; photograph-quality images may have millions.

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