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Thread: I'm an idiot!!

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    I'm an idiot!!

    I cannot figure out what is wrong with this code. Everything is fine until I add the javascript. The page is

    Please help!!


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    As you say, the page looks OK without the form. As soon as this shows with the javascript everything else is forced down. This is because you haven't designed a space for it. You need to redesign the page leaving a space for the form.

    If you gave the form a position: absolute attribute all the other parts of the page would show where they should, but the form would overlap them because it has no allocated space.

    Add this <div>...</div> in before and after the script:-

    <div style="position: absolute; top: 120px; left: 70px;">




    and the page will show correctly with the form, but there is no space for it so it covers other content.
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