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    WebDevForums - SPAM -

    I have been around allot of forums & find a rather high rate of spam here (Even though the Policy / Rules state NO SPAM).

    I do see some spam illumination from time to time, yet there are several that have been over looked.

    I guess I was just wondering if this may be due to there Not being enough Moderators on staff ?

    The forum does seem a bit slow sometimes, but I would think that would pick-up a bit if new visitors saw more Viable Posts & less Spam ads.

    I didn't see a suggestion box, so I posted here.... I am curious to see what others thoughts are on this matter, I am but one person with one view.

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    Thanks for the post, it has been said time and time again - any suggestions appreciated. I did write a small post asking for suggestions here: recently but got almost no response to it.

    The spam you see that is undeleted is old spam from yonks ago, I hardly ever notice it. But, all new spam is deleted. About 10-20 threads/posts get deleted daily by the mods here, which is a lot of work for only a couple of people. Nothing much else can be done about it really, perhaps it would look better if we deleted the spam permanently rather than leaving the deleted message up?

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