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Thread: FREE Membership for Die Hard Webmasters - Marketers

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    FREE Membership for Die Hard Webmasters - Marketers

    Scorpion Agency's Webmaster Mafia is now accepting Free Memberships!

    (Note: We asked an adviser & got 3rd party approval through PM correspondence for this post Prior to submitting, Please respect this forum & at least go through proper chain of command before attempting to advertise & or spam)

    When you sign-up as a Free member with the Scorpion Agency you will receive (But not limited to) The following:

    * Link submission (Ability to submit your website link along with a advertisement to the Links section - Yes, the links section is Both Public access & Indexed by the Search engines - Thus boosting link Popularity and giving you another entrance portal to your site.)

    * News/Article Submission (Ability to submit a news/Article about your business in the related article field - Yes, the news/Articles are both public access & indexed by the search engines - Thus having your Aurthur tag hyper linked in the article as well as being lengthy and rich in content it will aid in boosting your Link Popularity & giving you a more Authoritative portal to your site.)

    * Newsletter (As a member you receive "The Sting Newsletter - A Virtual Business Development Publication" providing you with site and news updates, Bonus here is that your News/Article has a chance of appearing in this newsletter with a author tag directing to your website. We are transferring our Newsletter Subscriber list to this new site design as well, so thats 3,500+ subscribers just for starters that may see your News/Article)

    * Advertising (As a member you are eligible to purchase advertising block impressions for a 468x60 banner ad that will rotate with other ads on every page of this site until your impressions purchased have been reached. Contact us for more details)

    * Syndicate (Our staff along with consideration of the visitor article rating system will determine which articles make it to the Global "RSS" Syndicate - As a Bonus to Member Publishers, if your article is chosen it will become part of the syndicate and available to RSS feed users Globally as content for there news real on there websites - so make sure you hyper link an Author tag in it.) - Note: that the Webmaster Mafia Forums are also RSS Syndicated & anyone can add your post to syndication -

    * Webmaster Mafia Forums - You will also receive full access to the Webmaster Mafia forums - a more Hard Core Community out to crack knuckles, Bump Heads, & brainstorm solutions. In addition you have up to a 300 character signature area that shows on ALL your posts (Indexable).

    DISCLAIMER - By submitting a News/Article you agree that you own all copyrights of said article and that it does not infringe upon any other copyrights. You also agree to take full responsibility for your news/article submission and that the scorpion agency is not liable for any damages it may or may not have caused. Please view our Terms Of use from the top navigation. By using this site and any of its services you agree that you have read the Scorpion Agency Terms Of Service in full and take Full Liability for your actions.)

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    I cannot seem to locate a link to join your forum. Can you provide me some assistance?

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