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Thread: Have host, very basic HTML knowledge, need help with quickstart layout method...

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    Unhappy Have host, very basic HTML knowledge, need help with quickstart layout method...

    I'm trying to create a visually simple, but organized and professional website. I have very basic HTML know-how and I've signed up with a hosting company. Now, the one thing I REALLY lack is any real knowledge of website/page layouts. I'm not looking to create my "perfect customized template" or anything, I just want something simple, organized, uncluttered, and professional, that's it.
    My actual question is, what is the quickest method for me to go about doing this? I'm aware there are free templates floating around here and there, but I've never actually taken a template and done whatever needs to be done to actually publish it online. So, my second question is, where can I find information on the process that details the part of the process that comes after all the 'pieces' are gathered? That is, after I have the hosting, content, layout, exactly what the heck do I do with it?
    I greatly appreciate any and all advice you guys may have. Thanks.

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    As far as templates are concerned, use Google for "free web page templates" until you find one you like, for instance:-

    When you have a page ready, look at and the uploading section below it for general advice.
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