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Thread: GUI for a webmail application

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    Lightbulb GUI for a webmail application

    Hello guys,

    I'm working in a small team and we're developing a webmail application. I'm about to create the GUI and I'd like to do a quick brainstorm here

    Do you like current webmail GUIs? Could you imagine the webmail interface of your dreams? How would it be?

    Ok, I'm going to help you, please have a look at these webmail GUIs:

    What do you like in these GUIs, and what don't you like? What about mixing the forum GUI and the webmail GUI? Sort of having a forum interface but to read mails? Forums and webmail have a lot of similarities after all... I'm just thinking at loud here

    Please let me know your opinion and suggestions

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    It's layed out properly here. Could you give me more details please?

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