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Thread: Will people think I'm nuts if I do this?

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    Will people think I'm nuts if I do this?

    Howdy everyone, first post.

    I just moved to a new area and have been into doing design for about two years. I've had about a half dozen complete jobs since then. None of which are online anymore. Evidently people dont understand that you have to pay for service to keep it online.

    So, since I don't really have any active clients, am new to the area, am just starting out and do this in my freetime I was wondering if the following sounds a bit off or not.

    The local historical society has a horrid website. Probably done with Frontpage or something similar. They have great pictures, lots of information, but the layout it terrible.

    If I where to go on a do a new layout for them and say "Hello I redid your site because I really love the area and think you can do better than what you have so here is a new layout for you to take a look at." (Or something along those lines)... would they look at me like I have monkeys flying out my arse?

    They way I am going about it is just to get a portfolio. I've never made much money with this and enjoy doing it. Tell me if I'm wrong but I am more interested in getting work to show as examples at this point. With the above situation I wouldn't even ask a fee. I would like to donate it and just have it availible in my portfolio that I am trying to build.

    Sound idea?

    Opinions? Guidance? Any suggested reading for someone like me just trying to get a portfolio of work done?

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    I don't think you're nuts at all, but I would think very hard on how you would approach them and what you're going to actually say. You can't imply that the current site is an embarrassment to the community, the very person you speak with may be the one responsible for the mess. What I would do is be totally honest, leaving out any comments about the poor layout of their current site, and just tell them you are new to the area and felt their site could use some updating and would like to show them a sample of what you could do for their website. And don't ask the first person you meet up with when you walk in the door. Ask to see the person who deals with the site's information. I also wouldn't blurt out that you'd do it for free, wait to see if they're willing to pay first. It might be within their budget to have some work done on it. Your own website should demonstrate your design abilities, so by all means have them get to their sample through a link located on a secondary page of your website.

    Good luck! I'm new to my area as well and am considering doing the same. Last time I did this I ended up on a Chamber of Commerce committee and they hired a huge company to do their site. I'll not fall into that hole again! ROFL

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