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Thread: Import hundreds of SkypeOut contacts from a CSV file

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    Import hundreds of SkypeOut contacts from a CSV file

    Import SkypeOut contacts from a CSV file.

    Import SkypeOut contacts from a CSV file.
    Delete multiple SkypeOut contacts.
    Export SkypeOut contacts to a CSV file.

    This wizard will lead you through the following steps:
    Step 1:
    Export address book from Outlook,Outlook Express,Yahoo!Mail,Gmail or MSN Hotmail into a CSV file.
    Outlook Users [Screenshot]
    Outlook Express Users[Screenshot]
    Yahoo!Mail Users[Screenshot]
    Gmail Users[Screenshot]
    MSN Hotmail Users[Screenshot]
    Make the csv file manually[Screenshot]

    Step 2:
    Install Contact Manager for Skype. [Screenshot]
    After you have installed it,you can open it from here. Skype Menu->Tools->Do More->Organize your extras->My Extras->Contacts Manager. [Screenshot]

    Step 3:
    Click Import button. [Screenshot][Screenshot]
    Select a .CSV file. From the drop-down list, select the field that contains the phone numbers of your contacts. Choose a combination of CSV fields for the name(i.e. FirstName [space] LastName [space] (Home phone)). [Screenshot]

    Setp 4:
    This step will remove all non-numeric characters, and convert all phone numbers using the rules that you have created. [Screenshot]
    Phone number convert rule:
    1. If it's a __-digit phone number, Add ______ in front of the number. [Screenshot]
    2. If phone number begins with _______, replace ______with ______. [Screenshot]

    Step 5:
    This step will allow you to edit some special phone numbers, double-click on a listview item(phone number or name) to edit it, and import all the contacts that you have selected. [Screenshot][Screenshot][Screenshot]

    You can also delete multiple SkypeOut contacts at a time and reimport the new CSV file. [Screenshot]


    This is an English version,but it can also handle CSV file formats in any language.If you're still having problems with garbled characters, try these steps.
    1. Click Start, point to All Programs, point to Accessories, and then click Notepad.
    2. Open the CSV file with Notepad and save it without changing anything. Close Notepad.
    3. Reimport the CSV file using the Skype Extra.

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    Not everyone broadcasts their personal information, but maybe you know it and you want to add it to their profile.

    Extended Contact for Skype
    Import SkypeOut contacts from a CSV file

    Contacts Manager for Skype
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