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Thread: MySql and Phpbb Forum Help!

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    Question MySql and Phpbb Forum Help!

    Hey guys, I've come to you yet again for another question, I'm sure you're excited :P

    I'm trying to set up a phpbb forum and I feel like a complete noobie at this, but I've tried doing my research but I can't figure out the problem. When I try installing the forum it asks me for a DSN for my database, also database username (root) and password. I've installed an ODBC for MySql (which I am running through Xampp, with my Apache Server).

    In the ODBC configuration under Administrative Tools, I make the Data Source Name "dbforum" and server is left default at localhost. I also enter root and the password. When I test this it gives me the message "Succes!; connection was made!" When I correlate the two during the phpbb forum installation it gives me an error:

    "Could not connect to the database, see error message below.
    Unknown MySQL server host 'dbforum' (11001)."

    I'm sure I am missing something completely 'obvious' and was hoping you guys could help me out. Thanks for your time!

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    I found the error! I had not created the database in phpmyadmin, once I created it I was about to have the DSN point to localhost and the Database name point to "forum" (forum is the name of the new DB).

    Glad to get that fixed! Hope this helps any noobie like me

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