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Thread: How to position a Flash movie flush with right margin

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    How to position a Flash movie flush with right margin

    I am trying to place a Flash movie on the home page of my website so that it aligns flush with the right margin. The page template I'm using consists of 2 columns -- the text fills the left column, and the flash movie is the only thing in the right column. But the movie is aligning with the left margin of the right column.

    Here's a preview:

    (The Flash movie is still a work in progress by the way; I'm designing it with Swish and I know it still needs some work.)

    Currently on the "live" home page, I am just using a static image, which right-aligns:

    When I use just a plain image (as in the live home page), I can select whether I want to left-align, right-align, or center. But to add a Flash object, I have to use 'html mode' (which I know very little about other than just the basics). The movie left-aligns (in the right column on the page where I placed it) by default.

    To embed the movie, I used the following code:


    (I just Googled something like 'how to embed a flash movie' and this is the first code I tried that worked. The actual Flash file is stored in my account.)

    Is there a simple piece of code that I can add to force the movie to right-align?

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    Put it inside a DIV which is aligned right.

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