Looking for a PHP Web Developer for temporary work.

We are interested in hiring on an extra developer for a few small web based projects we currently have going.

We mostly deal with small scale Web Based projects that specialize in Property Management utilities (specifically newsletter management).
We need some one who can get caught up quickly in a project that is already underway.

Required Knowledge:
- Good knowledge of php5 and oophp good practices
- Good understanding of algorithms, data structure, and object oriented programming
- Database Management
- Basic knowledge of html, xhtml, css, mysql, javascript
- Capable of using FTP
- Good code syntax (can conform to a coding standard such as PEAR or Zend Framework)

Preferred Knowledge:
- BS in Computer Science
- Image and PDF manipulation (imagemagick)
- Experience with MVC
- Experience with the Zend Framework
- Experience utilizing Unit Testing
- Experience with the jQuery library
- Version Control (Subversion preferred)

- Knowledge of other languages such as C, C++, or Java
- Well rounded scripting knowledge (for creating cron jobs)

Before applying please correct anything you may see wrong with the below code sample and write a comment block at the bottom with a summary of what you fixed or should be fixed:

// Consider good phpDOC practices, coding standards (PEAR or Zend Framework) and basic syntax

class quiz_class extends quizDb
private $address;
function checkcorrectname($name)
	full_name = $name

		if ($full_name == 'John Smith') {
			echo "Hello John Smith!";

		else { echo 'You are not John Smith'}

function setAddress(){
	// this function takes the user submitted address and inserts it into the database
	$address = $this->address;
	if (parent::insert($address);)
		return false
		return true;

// filters all non image files from a directory
function filter_imgfiles()
	$allowed[] = 'jpeg';
	$allowed[] = 'gif';
	$allowed[] = "png";
	foreach ($this->_files as $filename) {
		$extension = strpos($filename, '.') + 1;
		$extension2 = substr($file, $extension);
		$extention3 = ucfirst($extension2);
		if ($extension3 !(in_array($allowed)) {
			return true;

If interested please contact derek@optimaloutsource.com or chris@optimaloutsource.com with a resume, some examples of your work and the above quiz with your corrections. Compensation will be based on past experience and current knowledge.