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0.1.0 came out yesterday! (Friday, September 19, 2008 )

I'm the only developer and I'm 14. I started this when I was 12. I need more help because if I'm doing all this by my self the production of this will be slow.
I got a 2 moderators, 3 supporters, and Im doing skins, modifications and Developing the software by myself. I need 1 developer to help me. This is a volunteer job for now. You will be paid soon. Im going to get a new job soon and you can advertise one of your sites in the official site of XtremeBB! We are new as you know and we will be a big community soon because I won't give up. !
So, does anyone want to help me?


I made 1 modification already (SEO Mod).
Im making a dark skin for XtremeBB.
Im making a Language pack. A spanish pack.

Converters will be made soon...


XtremeBB 0.1.1 under development.
XtremeBB 0.2.0 under planning...

Please Contact Me:

AIM: flykidd1994
Yahoo: hiphopfreaks
or PM me!