Hey all,

I've designed a website for an orginization for my school. The main section shows what the orginization is about, who to contact and other odds and ends.

I've been looking to add a member section to it, to allow for the members of this orginization to access calendars, upcoming events and what not.

Heres the question. What is a good thing to use to run a member section that allows multiple members, a form login from the main page, and profiles along with pictures.

the other thing im looking for, is how can i set up a list on the 'main' section for non users to view members profiles when not logged in.using server side (so i don't have to make 50 html pages for each member)


non member is viewing our site, and want to see a list of the members. he access the members.html page and gets a list of names, if he clicks one, he is brought to a page that displays output from the server. A picture, the members name, position... exc.

thanks for all your help