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Thread: Tips to consider when you start to design a website

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    Tips to consider when you start to design a website

    1) Ask your client every single detail about his/her project, also his/her preferences

    2) Depending on the market you need to make some googling and find good looking competitors websites, then you make screenshots and write down what you like of each one of them.

    3) You need to think in a browsable, interactive, cool, reliable and easy navigation.

    4) Your design will have to be search engine friendly ( coding, tagging, etc)

    5) Once you have identified each one of these items you can think about your design, consider industry relative colors ( for example, my architectural website looks really nice with black background) if you want to sell t-shirts you need to think about a white background with a mix of eye-catching colors.

    This is what I do when I start a new design, follow these steps has really helped me to not getting stucked building the website's structure. Let me know your thoughts about this.

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    Thanks for share the valuable tips.

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