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Thread: Looking for Moderators

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    Looking for Moderators

    im looking for anime about girl and boy get transported to her home world i remember there was a war going on they get seperated at some point in the anime the boy later gets the abilty to summon a sword the story starts at some ruins where the get transported

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    I tried posting you a pm. with regards to the spam that can be seen all across the forum, but it seems your inbox is full and cannot accept messages anymore.

    I've joined the forum today and can see that except a few sections most are flooded with irrelevant spam threads. This can actually cause a lot of damage to the site, plus who'd want to post on a site that isn't moderated regularly.

    So, a humble request to you, please clean it up at the earliest and offer justice to genuine contributors.

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    Here are not permission to post our thread. I have so many tips for marketing and business.
    I moderater give a few time to share something .. then I share my excellent knowledgd........

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lechlak View Post
    I'm volunteering again...I get sick of seeing so much spam. I've dedicated a lot of time here to watch it blow up.
    Please do. There so many spammers here that it is quite sickening.

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    Still no mods? No admins? So this thing chugs on in spite of it all. Interesting.

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