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Thread: Help with filter category on website filters

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    Help with filter category on website filters

    Hi all:

    I just created (or am in the process of creating) a very basic and simple website. However, at work, when I tried to bring it up - our system categorized it as a "fraud" site and thus I am unable to view.

    Is there some miscoding that I've done? There is absolutely nothing on the site that would be inappropriate or anything. Please help!

    I want my coworkers to be able to see it so they can give me some feedback. Thanks in advance!!


    PS - Our company is pretty lenient on web site viewing. Which is why this is so weird and frustrating!! We use SurfControl. I talked with our IT guy and he said he didn't know exactly what parameters is set to flag a site as "fraudulent."

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    I dont have a solution for you. but i do have a similar problem. When viewing my site from the university internet it states my site may be 'attempting to disguise itself as another site' (it is a windows security message)

    how do i avoid this?

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