Hi all,

I am currently building a website for a friend who doesn't want a cms package, so starting from raw and building our way up.

So far we have home page, some content pages, contact us php form and some CSS styling.

Other than that, its pretty empty.

We essentailly want to be able to have a page labled products, and have the equipment searchable.

So for example we could say it was about bikes and when a viewer comes to the products page they can see 1 or 2 models but have options.

Childs, Womans, Adults

then sub options



What is the best way of creating this from scratch?

I am trying to avoid creating long linking maps, IE the customer clicks a link that says Adults, then has to follow another link for colour etc.

I also want it to be searchable from a search box - similar to what you see on newegg/ebuyer etc.

Any ideas?