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Thread: Project S.I.N. (Need web dev/designers)

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    Zyler Guest

    Project S.I.N. (Need web dev/designers)

    Small team and I are developing a new adult-themed social networking and community based website. We're looking for web developers, web designers, and graphic artists. People willing to beta test it for us once we get a prototype, who can remain tight lipped to others, are also welcome. Everyone's working for free until we go live and bring in revenue off an ad model.

    Adult-themed = dating, casual encounters, adult material, etc.

    Currently on team:

    2 Graphic Artists
    1 Web Developer


    Web Designer
    1 Additional Web Dev

    Please visit and leave your information (if interested) in our forums.

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    Oct 2008
    I am currently in the process of building a social network for all ages of people. We could partner up and cater for both the adult market and younger market.

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