Hi all, Ive been an Internet Marketer for several years now, and decided to put a new twist on my ventures. I finally realized after hearing over and over if you want to make any real money in Internet Marketing you need to have a team. After being involved in a team for several months I realized this is the path to success. Being with a team allowed several things including:

1. Casual > Knowledge sharing -- ideas, knowledge, problem solving
2. Complementary > Back-linking Spin placement
3. Engaged > Affiliate & promotion One or two way commission
4. Production > Limited project work Own specific project, paid or swap

But that was the extent of teaming. I still had to out source the projects that I didnt have the time or the skills to do myself. So I decided to take it to the next level. I decided to put together a Joint Venture team. By joining with others with the same interests this added two more points.

5. Partnering > Responsibility scope Own specific aspect, Paid or swap On going
6. Joint Owner > Full business partnering -- Profit, responsibility & risk share, Percentage based

What the two points above mean are, my partners are no longer just paid one time for their work. By being a partner in a Join Venture you own the project you are working on and continue to be paid for as long as the project exists. This allows an opportunity for newbies and seasoned professionals.

This now allows me to spend my time on the areas I am skilled in and my partners work on the areas they are skilled in.

If this sounds like something you may have interest in please contact me at