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Thread: Web Designer Needed

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    Web Designer Needed

    I'm in dyer need of a Web Designer. I've finished up on my PTC script for my site, and I need a template that will blow away the competitor PTC sites. If you can make the template, I need make add the script. I'm willing to add you to the payroll for the site if you're able to provide me with an amazing design for my script. I've got alot of media hookups, so if you're worried about not making any money from the payroll, don't be. These PTC sites always come out successful.


    Will have it's own domain soon.

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    Re:Web Designer Needed

    do you still require a web designer ?

    if so i would be intrested in this postion.And i understand its for nothing at the moment im happy to do this as long as i can put it on my portfollio at


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