Hi All,
I am bidding on a tender to produce a CMS website (not bespoke) with mainly subscription only content with an email marketing facility built in.

Needs to be Secure

payment gateway needs to automatically renew subscriptions on a monthly basis (unless canceled by the user) - I was thinking paypal as the easiest to implement

Email marketing facility needs to be compatible with Salesforce.com

Would like accessible reporting on stats built in

they would like an email newsletter system that if an email is forwarded to a non subscriber they will just see a blank screen (don't know if this is possible ) I was thinking a direct link to a protected page rather then sending out the email.

they also want linked search - if you type in dog you will also get the synonyms show up like K9, puppies , doggies , wolf .ect.

any suggestion on what CMS to use I'm thinking Joomla