Hello everyone,

Yesterday I put a new website up with the intention of listing the web design companies in the UK, split into counties.

At the moment, there is no provision for international agencies, but if the results in the UK are good enough then perhaps I may consider expanding the site.

As you probably know, web directories are fairly handy for your SEO, but relevant web directories are very handy - and having a link from a local area website design directory is probably as relevant a link as you can get!

Also, from this directory you get two links:
- One from the county page, which will be the more valuable link because you can choose your anchor text and it's the target of the reciprocal links so the PR should be a bit higher
- Another from the profile page where you can add the details about your business.

If you're a believer in relevant anchor text, then I'd suggest getting in there early so that you can grab the best text in your local area! You probably know that Google usually ignores any subsequent links that have the same anchor text so you want to get in their quickly and get the 'website design' text!

It's a fully human edited directory (by me!) and you can either have a reciprocal link or you can pay for me to review your site in return for a one way link (5).

I'm hoping that it'll provide traffic as well to your site. There are a few out of date web design directories that are still ranking so if I can get this one optimised enough with enough content then we should be able to rank pretty well and generate some good traffic to your local areas.

That's all - here's the site: http://www.ukdesignersdirectory.co.uk/
It's not much to look at but it's simple and easy to use! It's new so if there are any issues then please let me know and I'll get them sorted out.