Hi I am very new to JavaScript I have only copied and pasted and made work one code example from this language before.

At the moment I have my index page with an Iframe centred within this page.

When a user interacts on the index page they can load external web pages or movies into the Iframe.

For movies I use the LongTailVideo Player which is great as the user can click the full-screen option and it covers both the Iframe and the index page utilising the whole monitor.

How would I achieve this affect with external web-pages so readers have the option to make the Iframe content full-screen and then close full-screen mode to interact again with the index page (like movie player).


1. (Optional). Using an Iframe is the pre-JavaScript method I am aware that this needs replacing using div and JavaScript control, this is first request please.

2. Secondly the issue at hand in making the DIV/ Iframe scalable to full-screen and then revert back to it original size using full-screen/ original screen button/ menu.

I may well need redirecting in this approach I understand this. Any criticism welcomed as-long as it swiftly becomes constructive wink.gif

Thanks in advance,

Sem White.