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Thread: building a personal profile pages in a social network

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    building a personal profile pages in a social network

    hi, am building a simple social network site, how can make each user view his own personal profile, friends in his network and share photos in his network. creating a page for everyone woudn't be a logical idea but i dont know how to do what i want to do. I want a user to see only his profile and information in his network without seeing just everthing each time he logs on. some help plz. thank u

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    What your asking is no simple question. There is no way I could explain it all in one post. You need to do alot of learning and research before you tackle something like this. You will need a good grasp of a programming/scripting language and SQL for databases.

    If your already put off, have a look at some Open source social networking software. Should get the job done, if that's your only goal.

    Some social networking software:
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