I am stuck and am hoping that someone can help me out.

I have a page with an iframe inside. The iframe references an outside sales portal and is not something I can modify. The outside sales portal is long (in height) and I have turned off the 'scroll=yes' option for the iframe because I am not a fan of having to scroll through a frame inside a page. So... I've set the iframe height to be "1500px" to encompass all of the pages in the sales portal.

Here is my problem. The sales portal has several pages and the customer must scroll through the frame and continue using a button at the bottom of each page however the parent page does not reset in height, my scroll bar is still halfway down the page. as a result i need to scroll up on some of the pages to see the information and it's confusing for patrons.

Is there some sort of code that I can put into my parent page that tells to target the "top" of the page or at least the iframe when the iframe refreshes or transitions between pages? Again I do not have access to the sales portal that is framed in the iframe and can only modify the parent page.

Your help is greatly appreciated.