Over my last few websites, I've come to a conclusion. I am pretty decent at coming up with ideas and actually coding the various scripts needed, but I'm very rusty at copywriting and marketing in general. Combined with a full load of college work, I figure I should look for someone who both enjoys and is good at such things.

The site in question is http://www.BillionDollarTraffic.com. The site basically works like this:

- Members can sign up for free.
- Every member has a 16-level downline.
- Each member gets a referral link to BDT.
- Anyone referred by them joins the first level of their downline.
- Each member gets one unique visitor to their site per week for each person in their downline.
- In return, each member views 20 ads a week (5 minutes total).
- Additionally, each member automatically gains downline simply by keeping their account open.

The basic partnership would work like this:

- I take care of coding issues (whether fixing bugs, adding new features, etc.).
- I also screen the member's sites (it is mandatory).
- You take care of the text on the front page (index.php), Getting Started (gettingstarted.php), and any other pages that primarily work to inform or encourage registration.
- You also advertise the site to get new visitors. Specifics of this are left up to you, assuming legal methods are used (e.g., no blackhat). I also have Google Analytics set-up, which you will have access to. This function is helped by the fact that members will hopefully start recruiting others themselves as well.

Payment is basically half/half. All expenses from the site will be taken out of the sum total amount before it is halved (including domain/hosting, advertising, etc.). The basic plan is that, when all is said and done, we will both walk away with equal amounts each paycheck. We'll figure out the specifics as we go.

Money is currently made through showing advertisements; 4 of the 20 adviews per member per week are the top-gravity clickbank sites (automatically updated). In the future it will also be possible for members to purchase the ability to no longer have to view ads and theoretically (depending on the performance of the clickbank ads) selling of the adspace to the general public.

All in all, I'm a pretty informal guy. The best part is, I have no demands about how much or how often you work. I'm very much willing to let you have your freedom; if you want more money, work more. Work however you wish with whatever tactics you're comfortable using. You're the marketing guy here, not me.

You will have almost total control over the site and feel of the site; if you like how it looks now, we'll keep it. Otherwise I will change it to whatever you think would convert the best.

If you have prior work yourself, I wouldn't mind seeing it. It would also be helpful if you have a solid reputation around these forums.

Thanks for the thought!
- Alex