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Thread: Making clickable images in menu

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    Making clickable images in menu

    Hi all, I am tryin to figure out how to do an image map. I am fairly new to web design but know my html well enough and can work with graphics well enough to make the image to what I want. I also have the css code for the image already. It is for my traffic exchange site and through the forums there I figured out how to to the css.

    The only reason I couldn't get the complete help I needed was that nobody could tell me how to do this in anything but dreamweaver. I don't have that program and not sure if there are any free programs out there that I can do this in. What I have to work with now is Photoshop, NVU, Komposer, and Gimp. Can I do this with one of these or is there a free program I can download to do this with?

    Was told in the other forum that I need to create an image then use a program such as dreamweaver to create an image map. Actually two images since I would like to have the hover effect bring up another image of the buttons.

    Can someone point me in the right direction here. I have been trying to figure out how to do this for a month now.

    Thanks in advance,

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